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The Wasp FactoryFrank is a young lad growing up in a remote Scotch community, living on an isolated island with only his odd father for company. He spends his days checking that his guard poles (complete with dried animal heads) are intact, waging war against the local rabbit population and turning to his barbaric wasp factory for predictions of the future. An odd child, but no odder than his brother, Eric, who escapes from the loony bin where he was put after setting fire to a number of local pet dogs.
by Iain Banks
Score: 7
Published: 1984
Read: December 7th 2002


John said

This was a bit weird, to say the least, with lots of rather distasteful descriptions of premature animal deaths, and one or two human ones too. Gripping stuff though and an intriguing ending makes you wonder how Frank actually stayed as sane as he did.

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