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TripleA MOSSAD agent, Dickstein, survivor of horrors in Nazi concentration camps, is given a mission to steal a shipload of uranium so that the Israelis can keep pace with the Arabs who are busy finishing their own nuclear bomb in Egypt. Along the way he meets a beautiful half-Arab girl with whom he falls in love - but is she is an agent for the Arabs?
by Ken Follett
Score: 7.5
Published: 1979
Read: December 6th 2002


John said

I thought this was quite good, sad that 20 years on the Israelis are still fighting with the Palestinians. In fact it made quite good background material on causes of the conflict for poor ill-educated old me. Lots of death, double-dealing and some of those lovely sneaky manoeuvres designed to throw a shadow off the scent, that usually involve three taxis and a friendly shopkeeper.

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