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JackdawsFlick, a beautiful (but tough and resourceful) British SOE agent spends most of her time behind enemy lines in Occupied France, doing her best to make life miserable for the Nazis. But her mission to destroy a vital communications hub goes horribly wrong when she is given duff intelligence from those oiks at MI6. But determined to finish the job properly before the Allies invade she gathers together a motley, nearly all-girl, crew of aristos, drag artists, cockney safe-blowers and murderers - the 'Jackdaws'. But she is up against a clever scheming German intelligence officer who captures and tortures agents as fast as they parachute in - who can she trust now?
by Ken Follett
Score: 7.5
Published: 2001
Read: December 7th 2002


John said

Jolly good WW2 story, lots of deception, disguises, sten guns and a nasty Nazi torturer who gets his comeuppance in the end. Many of the good guys tragically die, but thats the grim reality of war for you I suppose.

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