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Witness XKyra is a neuropsychologist in the near future who is part of a team developing some tech that allows her to re-live other people's subconscious memories. However her business-minded and frankly, callous, colleague wants to sell it to the highest bidder (the military), while she wants to ensure it is only used for altruistic purposes eg establishing the truth in criminal cases. Anyway, things go a bit pear-shaped when the serial killer who killed Kyra's sister years ago escapes from jail, and some more deaths happen. Can Kyra use her new gadget to establish the truth? Or will she go bonkers first from a combination of invading other people's memories and PTSD arising from when her sister was killed?
by S.E. Moorhead
Score: 6.5
Published: 2019
Read: February 9th 2021


John said

Well I enjoyed writing the synopsis more than reading the book. It was OK though.

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