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That Will be England GoneMichael is sad that the cricketing authorities are tinkering yet again with the format of the game, he thought T20 was bad enough but now - The Hundred? He tells us how much he prefers the old days, why it was so much better then and how great the players used to be. Although he also likes the current talent - just thinks they don't get the same chances as the game is too fragmented. Along the way we hear of many other ways that England has changed for the (mostly) worse as he is interested in all sorts of cultural change, and what it means to be English.
by Michael Henderson
Score: 7.5
Published: 2020
Read: February 5th 2021


John said

Quite entertaining, although obviously a bit conservative. He is a big fan of the players of my era though eg Gower, Botham and Willis, so that was all very self-affirming for me. The title comes from a Philip Larkin poem Going, Going. Read this book during the amazing South Island Camper Van Trip and so was able to stop in at the beautiful library in Christchurch to look up the poem, which was very satisfying.

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