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Boy Swallows UniverseEli's brother August hasn't spoken out loud for years, his mum is a heroin addict, his dad absent, his mum's boyfriend, Lyle, is a would-be heroin dealer, and the baby-sitter is a notorious criminal. But Eli aspires to work as a journalist and live in a leafy peaceful Brisbane suburb. But the local drugs baron, Tytus Broz, sends Eli's life spiralling out of control when he takes his revenge on the family for Lyle's attempts to expand his drug-dealing. But Eli is determined to do the best for his family and bring down Tytus Broz, who, it turns out, is even more evil than we first thought.
by Trent Dalton
Score: 8.5
Published: 2018
Read: September 18th 2020


John said

Great story, beautifully told. Very moving in places and super characters. Some harrowing violence though - all the more surprising given that this was a recommendation from Andrew.

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