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Ice Ghosts - The Epic Hunt for the Lost Franklin ExpeditionWatson relates the story of Sir John Franklin's doomed expedition of 1845 where he lead two ships Erebus and Terror and their crews into the High Arctic in search of the elusive Northwest Passage. The majority of the book however, is concerned with the numerous searches, historical and modern, undertaken to attempt to establish what happened on the ill-fated expedition.
by Paul Watson
Score: 6
Published: 2017
Read: December 27th 2017


John said

Lots of interesting stuff here, all the fascinating exploration/marine history you would expect and the impact (or not) of the stories passed down through generations of Inuit, some of whom witnessed the original survivors struggling to survive through some of the harshest Arctic winters. There is even an islet in Terror Bay called Where it Sank (in Inuit), but this was only realised by Western search teams after the discovery of the wreck itself nearby. But I thought the writing was quite poor, especially as I was expecting good things from a former Pulitzer prize winner. Confusing in places, and with some odd sentence structures that needed some unravelling to understand them.

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