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Mend the LivingSimon Limbeau is a teenage surfer full of life and vitality who dies in a car crash. His parents are persuaded to donate his organs and we follow the medical teams who do the 'harvesting' and the lucky recipient of the new heart.
by Maylis De Kerangal
Score: 6.5
Published: 2016
Read: May 14th 2017


John said

Well, the plot is simple. But her writing is ridiculously complex. Endless dull descriptions of things and feelings and people. However it was moderately interesting to hear the conversation between the parents and the coordinator, and then see the processes set in train by the decision to harvest. Although we don't call it harvesting in NZ, we call it something else, a bit less agricultural but I have forgotten the term. Harvesting does jar a little. Translated from French, this book won the Wellcome Prize 2017.

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