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Howl's Moving CastleSophie is the eldest of three sisters and her latent powers of witchcraft are noted by the wicked witch of the waste who turns her into an elderly woman, a state she remains in for almost the whole of the book. Sophie encounters the wizard Howl, or rather his magical castle and invites herself to stay, discovering that Howl is not necessarily the villain that local gossip suggests, although he is not above using magical charms to impress any passing girls he takes a shine to. And what of his strange partnership with Calcifer the fire demon, who controls the castle? Sophie does her best to keep everyone happy, searching for a way to get her youth back and defeat the wicked witch.
by Diana Wynne Jones
Score: 7.5
Published: 1986
Read: May 7th 2017


John said

Pretty good - great characters especially with Sophie and Howl - I didn't get completely absorbed by the magical setting somehow, and found some of the plot a bit too confusing! Very nice though. I still think the Ogre Downstairs is better.

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