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In Search of Moby DickTim travels to the southern Pacific to see if he can find any basis in truth for the story of Moby Dick. He investigates historical whaling practices and talks to lots of people about the whales they have seen, chased and killed. He spends a lot of time on the tiny Indonesian island of Lamalera where the villagers still hunt sperm whales in small boats, often by jumping on them with a harpoon.
by Tim Severin
Score: 5.5
Published: 2000
Read: June 13th 2014


John said

Well, a bit disappointing. Without a boat of his own to build and sail he seemed a bit directionless I thought. The best bit was probably the whale hunting at Lamalera, which was pretty amazing, but sad at the same time. This book was a gift from Hilary.

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