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The Thirteenth TaleWell, it's complicated! Aging and reclusive author Vida Winter writes to a virtually unknown biographer, Margaret, and asks her to write up her life story. Margaret is reluctant at first but when she realises that a pair of twins form the focus of the story she cannot resist the lure of the expert story-teller. Over a period of time Ms Winter relates her story but Margaret has to do much of her own research too - can she even trust Ms Winter to tell the truth? She has after all spent her whole life writing stories, and has made a point of making up her own life-histories in the past.
by Diane Setterfield
Score: 9
Published: 2006
Read: May 30th 2014


John said

Really good book. Complex but just about manageable family history and intrigue (both gruesome and bizarre), along with some great characters, exciting plot, vivid dramas and a great theme of stories, books and reading throughout. I might even have to read Jane Eyre again.

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