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The Sindbad VoyageTim and his mates, with significant help from Omani shipbuilders and sailors, build a replica Arab boat, using only coconut-rope to sew planks together, and then sail it from Oman to China. Travelling via India, various islands, Sri Lanka and the Doldrums, Tim finds links between some of the stories of Sindbad the Sailor and local tales and myths.
by Tim Severin
Score: 7
Published: 1983
Read: May 24th 2014


John said

Jolly interesting - good mix of ancient shipbuilding info and dealing with the modern world (never trust an Indian log-merchant apparently). The Sindbad thing really did seem just an excuse for Tim to go and muck about with boats at the Omani government's expense - but good for him I guess. Never knew until now about that middle 'd' in Sindbad either.

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