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Hornet FlightHarald is a Danish schoolboy in Nazi-occupied Denmark with a love for engineering and jazz, who more or less by accident gets recruited into the resistance. Pursued by a Danish policeman who cooperates with the Nazis and also has a personal vendetta against Harald's family, he has to take photographs of the new radar installations near his home and get them back to England before the next big British bomber raid is due. Fortunately he is helped by Karen, a beautiful ballerina prodigy, on whose castle property there happens to be a dilapidated de Havilland Hornet which he can fix and she can fly...
by Ken Follett
Score: 6.5
Published: 2002
Read: August 26th 2012


John said

Good story, apparently based on a few different true incidents stitched together. Realistic in some ways perhaps (lots of the resistance people are killed) but not in others (18 year old schoolboy not only takes photos of the radar installations, rebuilds the aircraft, steals the fuel, refuels the plane in mid-air, deduces exactly how the radar system works and proposes the solution for the Brits to use - he also gets the girl). Entertaining though. Read on the way to Geoff's for golf/Romsey Rapids weekend.

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