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Anna of the Five TownsAnna lives at home in Bursley with her miserly father and little sister. Her simple life revolves around her church activities and keeping house, until she comes of age and her father reveals she has a substantial fortune of her own. She begins to realise just how tight-fisted her father is and her eyes begin to be opened to life's possibilities, particularly when she is wooed by Henry, one of the most popular men in town. However she also discovers that one of her inherited investments is the property leased to the Price family, struggling with debts and forever behind with the rent. She is nagged by her father to pressurise them to pay their debts but feels desperately sorry for young Willie Price, a naive and gentle soul.
by Arnold Bennett
Score: 8
Published: 1902
Read: August 24th 2012


John said

Great. Fantastic characterisation and a riveting plot as Anna realises she must defy her father if she is to have her own fulfilling life. 600th book in the database :)

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