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The Sense of an EndingTony and his friends first meet Adrian at school where he joins their clique, despite the fact that he is more intellectual and destined for Cambridge and success, they think. But after leaving school the group begins to drift apart and Tony gets his first proper girlfriend. However his relationship with Veronica comes to an end, but it then appears that Adrian was more interested in Veronica than Tony realised. Tony's life moves on but years later he is haunted to receive a legacy of a diary and GBP500 from Veronica's mum, prompting him to revisit his past and uncover a history he was unaware of at the time.
by Julian Barnes
Score: 8.5
Published: 2011
Read: July 23rd 2012


John said

This was a really good read, I thought he did a great job of conjuring up a vision of a kind of grey, bleak 1950's middle class school-boy Britain growing up scenario, and all his characters seemed very realistic. Great story, with lots of thoughtful and intriguing twists on the way as Tony slowly slowly realises how much of his past passed him by at the time. Lina just bought us a copy of this - a week after we just read it anyway :)

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