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The Art of FieldingHenry Skrimshander plays baseball for a mediocre team in the middle of nowhere. He is spotted by Mike Schwarz who plays for Westish College and recognises Henry's gift for fielding at shortstop. So Henry goes to Westish, meets Owen, both room-mate and team-mate, and helps the baseball team work its way up through the league. Until one day, just when Henry is about to beat the all-time record for no errors, he makes his first fielding mistake, with painful results, and from that point on his confidence is shaken, and the lives of all those around him are affected by the fall-out too.
by Chad Hardbach
Score: 8.5
Published: 2011
Read: June 22nd 2012


John said

Excellent, really enjoyed this. Great characters, super plot, and loads of interesting stuff to learn (well, deduce anyway) about baseball. Read this following recommendation from Jane.

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