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Lady AnnaLady Anna is the daughter of the late Earl Lovel. He was a crazy, unpleasant, but wealthy man, and in settling his inheritance, awkward questions were asked regarding the validity of his marriage to Anna's mum. Anna's mum makes it her lifelong goal to prove in law that she was the legal wife of the Earl, and Anna is therefore due to inherit. But in the meantime Anna falls in love with the tailor's son who has helped them in their task and promises to marry him, which annoys her mum no end. Various expeditions of lawyers go off to Italy to try and establish whether the family of the Earl's deceased Italian wife is entitled to anything, and at the same time the Earl's nephew is wooing Anna as an alternative way to try and keep the money in the family. He's a nice chap, and Anna begins to quite like him...
by Anthony Trollope
Score: 7.5
Published: 1874
Read: February 24th 2012


John said

Very good. Excellent plot, great characters, and even the lawyers behave well. Read this in Westeinde hospital during 2nd IVIG treatment.

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