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GenusSet in a near-future London, society is split into two - the Improved, whose parents had the money to pay for genetic improvements for their unborn children, and the Unimproved, who were born only as nature intended. The Unimproved live in ghettos, and it is in one such ghetto, 'The Kross' that a series of murders take place, dragging together the fortunes of the unimproved artist Holman, and the genetically perfect detective Gunther.
by Jonathan Trigell
Score: 6.5
Published: 2011
Read: February 20th 2012


John said

This was OK, with all the usual bleak landscapes and poverty of the oppressed etc. Interesting plot too, but the whole thing just didn't become very real for me. Bought it in the Amazon Kindle sale for a quid though, so can't complain.

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