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A Painted HouseLuke, small boy growing up in rural cotton-growing country in the 50s(?) only wants to play baseball really, but has to work terribly hard on the farm. Then at picking season the usual migrant workers arrive, a group of Mexicans and a group of hill-people. Tensions build between them as young fiery Mexican (with knife) causes problems as does attractive young hill-person girl.
by John Grisham
Score: 7
Published: 2001
Read: March 28th 2010


John said

Even Geoff said I can't believe you're reading another John Grisham. Not bad though actually. Grrrrrr. OK - have just realised that I have read this before and written up a review!!! (The cover picture appeared before I'd even uploaded it) Unbelievable. Well I'm going to leave both separate reviews in here as a kind of lesson not to read ANY MORE JOHN GRISHAM.

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