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The Girl who Played with FireThis time Bloomflower is investigating sex trafficking, and is slightly surprised when his old buddy Salamander is accused of killing his good friends who were preparing to publish a book on the subject, naming some high-profile users of under-age trafficked girls. So Salamander has to go into hiding (fortunately she is enormously wealthy thanks to her skills at computer hacking) but she pops up every now and then to inflict some damage (or death) on some nasty misogynist. Anyway, he works hard to clear her name, she works hard at misogynist-baiting and the Swedish police run around in circles lying to each other and being generally useless.
by Stieg Larsson
Score: 7
Published: 2009
Read: March 23rd 2010


John said

Better than the first one, although the characters remain a bit strange, the plot thickens nicely and it's fun watching Salamander think of new ways to inflict destruction on nasty people.

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