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Ressurection MenRebus is sent for re-training at college following a briefing-room incident involving a thrown cup of tea and DCI Gill Templar. But it's OK, he's really gone undercover to try and trap 3 dirty cops who have an evil past. But will Rebus' non-too prisitine past be brought to light too? And is he really Big Ger Cafferty's best mate or does it just look that way? And how does it all link with Siobhan's case concerning the murdered art dealer?
by Ian Rankin
Score: 7.5
Published: 2001
Read: February 1st 2003


John said

I started reading this on Jennie's balcony in Kampong Chhnanag, but had to give it back to Carol who had started it first. But she just put it in my pigeon-hole! Not bad, good twisty plot but not overly so, perhaps not so atmospheric as some of his books - didn't get the menacing sense of Edinburgh's hidden underworld, it all seemed a bit more middle class than usual.

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