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HogfatherThe Hogfather has disappeared and Death has taken on the role of scrambling down chimneys, filling stockings, drinking sherry and saying 'HO HO HO'. His grand-daughter Susan is confused and tries to find out what is going on. An assassin and his band of cut-throats have kidnapped a tooth-fairy, and the wizards at Unseen University are called away from their seasonal festivities to try and help solve the mystery.
by Terry Pratchett
Score: 5
Published: 1996
Read: January 28th 2003


John said

Not one of Pratchett's better efforts by any means. Far too convuluted and too many of those (thankfully short) would-be-philosophical passages of strange events when world meets world which don't actually add anything to the story. Not very funny either, too clever by half.

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