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The Last PrecinctThis follows on from another book which I haven't read, but worked on its own too. A mad serial killer with werewolf disease (lots of long bodyhair) is trying to kill Kay Scarletta, the lovely and jolly clever, yet emotionally vulnerable and oh so human chief medical examiner of Richmond Virginia. But he fails to kill her and gets caught and then a convoluted plot unfolds involving French mafia and other law enforcement agents. Fortunately Kay and her loyal friends manage to just about work out what is going on and with the usual sprinkling of good fortune they evade death and catch the bad guys.
by Patricia Cornwell
Score: 7
Published: tbc
Read: November 6th 2002


John said

Plot had more convolutions than one of the brains that Ms. Scarletta has to dissect, but I just about managed to hang on. Lots of soul searching for poor old Kay, and her mate, Capt. Marino, seemed just too stereotyped for words, but other than that no complaints really.

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