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The Street LawyerMichael Brock, brainy corporate lawyer gets a shock when a street bum holds him and some colleagues in their own conference room at gunpoint. The incident ends in the death of the poor old man, but the message stays with Michael and his mid-life crisis sets in early (32) and he leaves the big firm, stealing a file on the way, to join the street lawyers led by Mordecai Green, searching for the idealism he once felt as a law student. He gets to sue his old firm on the way, over some illegal evictions, but that works out fine in the end as the firm's owner turns out to have a heart of gold too - he just needed reminding of it.
by John Grisham
Score: 7.5
Published: tbc
Read: November 6th 2002


John said

Jolly entertaining, and totally believable - hooray for mid-life crises, that's what I say. Good story, solid characters, super courtroom action, not too complicated for my little brain to follow, and the good old underdog defeats the nasty big heartless corporation once more.

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