Golf - Match Result

Cottesmore Griffin, July 15th 2008
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par53434443444345543534 37 71
John S1269578106767779785670 62 132
JEJ64441010106745677777661 56 117

Report - John S

Final round at Cottesmore - another Griffin. Veteran's morning, unfortunately, but Callum sent us off to start on the 10th tee. We were nicely 1.5 holes ahead of the first veterans, but they had a bit of a moan at us when we passed each other and after finishing our fourth hole we were feeling pressured and went back to base to whinge. Then we set off again at our original tee time on hole 1. This time we got moaned at by a grumpy old man who was cross because we didn't ring the bell. He also told us we'd need to get a move on and wondered if we knew our way round the course? However a few holes later JEJ hid one of his drives in the long grass and we waved them through. At which point they came up against the slow elderly 4-ball who'd been in front of us for some time. Anyway, back to the golf, things started well for JEJ and in fact after 8 holes played, he was only 10 over par. The golf was a mixed bag for me again, but finished on a high. At the 17th I hit a 5-iron which cleared the lake by about 1 inch. And at the 18th par 5 I hit 4 great straight iron-shots and 2 putted for a 6.