Golf - Match Result

Cottesmore Griffin, July 14th 2008
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par53434443444345543534 37 71
John S114861469685555128106972 65 137
JEJ13675115647556497541264 57 121

Report - John S

Back on the Griffin course for the morning, I played OK again, and was mostly quite pleased despite the poor scoreline. Had too many disaster holes though, although every hole had some good shots on it. Started trying to keep my head still more around the turn and it seemed to work a bit. I managed to hit my 5-iron off the 16th tee straight into the ground and it ballooned into the rough. I didn't see it but JEJ assures me it was very funny. JEJ hit some great 3-wood shots off the grass and also chipped into the hole for par at the 13th. Success for all at the watery 17th, although my first shot skewed right into the water, my second tee shot flew beautifully to the left hand side of the green. JEJ only needed one shot to clear the water. Some issues with shot alignment, at that hole and others.