Golf - Match Result

Cottesmore Phoenix, July 12th 2008
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par45444343534334443436 32 68
John S78107641048566489751064 60 124
JEJ710768563121167351285864 65 129

Report - John S

Lessons with Callum in the morning. Very good, and JEJ happy with the fact that he got 70% of the attention. My game must be too good, whereas JEJ has problems with his hips. Then off to the Phoenix Course after a greasy burger for lunch, teeing off at the first up the awful hill. After hitting a few provisionals we then went to look and JEJ found his first ball while I probably found my first ball only I'd cunningly used exactly the same make for the first two shots. Oops. Ups and downs followed - both trying out new swings with the usual mixture of success and failure. GPS buggies was fun, and after we'd let a couple of people play through we were pretty much on our own. JEJ's comedy shot was a thump with his notorious fairway wood into the lip of a fairway bunker about 30 yards away. While I was 7 shots up at the eighteenth, things looked to get slightly interesting when JEJ drove beautifully over the intimidating valley, while I 3-wooded two balls into oblivion. But then I hit a great 6-iron right down the middle and JEJ's last hope was gone. Overall I was pretty happy - while lots of my well-struck shots seemed to drift right Callum told me to expect that and he will try and fix it tomorrow.