Golf - Match Result

Hoebridge, June 24th 2008
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par53444344544354435336 35 71
John S85797677957597648465 55 120
JEJ746963999764116659562 59 121

Report - John S

Off in the buggy to the main course with a 2:12 pm tee time, we played behind a slowish group for the first couple of holes, but they let us through on the third, and we blasted through fairly successfully, and after that it was no pressure golf and empty fairways ahead until very near the end. JEJ did a comedy tee shot at the 10th, where he sent his tee shot careering towards the putting green, populated by children, but fortunately bounced it off the buggy back into play. On the 11th he followed that with a super shot with his fairway wood that bounced off a tree to scream across the fairway. The 13th he managed to use the bridge to get his ball across the ditch. I was playing competitively for a change and trying to stay focused and it seemed to work, as we strode down the 18th fairway, level on strokes. My tee shot had gone left but safe but JEJ went right and had to pitch back over the bunker, which he slightly overcooked, then he fluffed a chip back and ended up taking 5 to my 4, thus handing me victory.