Golf - Match Result

Hoebridge, June 23rd 2008
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par53444344544354435336 35 71
John S9410974861099488867367 62 129
JEJ74886386645387948456 52 108

Report - John S

Good lunch, and then a quick go on the range and then off to the first tee on our buggy. Had to wait at the first tee for a few minutes for the pair ahead of us to give JEJ a faffing demonstration. I played ok, but managed to score quite a few 9s nonetheless. The faffers turned out to be quite annoying, but the first time they waved us through we sprayed our tee shots left and right and they carried on. Then the Dutchman caught up with us and charged through only to get held up by the faffers. At one hole he was waiting on the fairway ahead of us but crouched behind his bag and let us hit our tee shots (which never got near him.) A couple of holes later the Dutchman was a dot on the horizon and the faffers waved us through again. This time we just managed to zigzag our way through them (me spending 0.01 minutes looking for a lost ball), and we reached a haven of peace and quiet on the other side. I got slight head-drop around the middle of the course but managed to pull it round and played well again at the end. Mostly by feeling relaxed and really not trying to hit it hard. Could be a lesson here. Played some good shots and got a lovely par 3 at the last, but JEJ managed to hit the flag with his tee shot. Remarkable. My putting was intermittently horrible all the way round.