Golf - Match Result

Otterbourne, March 1st 2008
John S695687541262

Report - John S

Can't remember much abut this game as it has been eclipsed by the game at Dummer the following day. First match of the year for everyone and I think everyone was quite pleased with how they played. I was a bit annoyed about the last hole though - took me four shots just to get into the ditch.

Report - JEJ

First round of 2008, and how nice it was to be out there. We were all a bit rusty, and I huffed and puffed round the course but Geoff was just too strong. All sorts of random play on the 7th hole where we all sprayed our shots around into the blazing sunshine, can't see where they go, and John S pops up and claims that his pitch landed on the green. John S and I have a complete disaster at the last hole, taking about 10 shots to cover the first 30 yards, but we all go home smiling.