Golf - Match Result

Dummer, April 24th 2013
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par44443444444443443535 35 70
John S8587786610107866854865 62 127
JEJ65886864986754775760 56 116
Geoffers56763555676654754748 51 99

Report - John S

My final game in the UK before leaving for NZ! My game was pretty poor most of the way round - things improved a little bit towards the end when I started doing smaller swings. But too little too late! Never mind, at least I finished keen to take my clubs to NZ, as at one stage earlier in the day I was considering selling them (probably just after getting two tens in a row). A good lunch followed and then I left to drive back to Exeter while the boys went on to Hoebridge for round 2...