Golf - Match Result

Dummer, August 25th 2012
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par44443444444443443535 35 70
John S778669858978666741464 67 131
Geoffers748868858761055654962 57 119

Report - John S

A real mixture this one. Weather not great - we had to spend around 40 minutes total sheltering under trees while a storm passed over. We passed the time arguing about the colour of the sky. Golf was not great, but I got a bit more consistent later on, especially when I started using only my 7-iron! Scuffed a lot of chips though, but my putting was not too bad. The 18th was a disaster. After carefully planning the hole, my first two shots went exactly as intended, bringing me down to near(ish) the water. The plan was then to go alongside the water. However someone switched on the big ball-magnet under the pond and the next two balls got sliced in. The third just sneaked past, but on the subsequent shot the magnet had been moved to the bunker by the green. So a frustrating end to an OK round. Nice to hear the donkey back again.