Golf - Match Result

Dummer, May 16th 2010
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par44443444444443443535 35 70
JEJ63754554695895545845 58 103
Geoffers67755755556567985952 60 112

Report - JEJ

John got off to a cracking start ... using his luck on the second hole to ride the ditch with the driver off the tee ... setting him up for his first eagle putt of his life ... which he missed (from 24 feet), but left him with a tiddler for a great birdie ... John set a record 45 on the front nine, with Geoff also playing really well (but not quite as lucky). On the back nine we were a bit all over the place, and got absolutely drenched. Geoff pulled back his seven shot deficit at the turn with remarkable ease, but no sooner had he done that then John got his act together a bit and Geoff threw it away again. By the 16th, it was raining so much there was serious consideration of giving up, but we held on for the final couple of very wet holes. Luck was still riding high for John as he skimmed the ball into and out of the lake on the 18th, and the only regret was there was no donkey to cheer it on! Bunkers were tricky today - both of us often took two shots to get out of them and in the case of Geoff got out of one safely with one shot only to land in the next!