Golf - Match Result

Northbrook (Exeter), August 30th 2009
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par33333333333333333327 27 54
John S44333543435345453433 36 69
John's Dad65645444444443345442 35 77
Richard S54544434545644434438 38 76

Report - John S

Everybody played well today, hardly any mis-hit shots, and plenty of pars all round. Rich very lucky to only be penalised one shot (and not distance) when he lost his ball under the trees at the back of the 4th.

Report - Richard S

John's practice has paid off in an unsporting manner. Almost every shot went up in the air. John's Dad discovered that height is not the only criteria by which a shot should be judged. Some of Richard's shot were good. The best bounced three times before bouncing over the brook.