Golf - Match Result

Dummer, March 29th 2009
Hole123456789101112131415161718Out In Tot
Par44443444444443443535 35 70
John S79689997779877755771 62 133
JEJ58654864645556693552 48 100
Geoffers76754654658775545850 54 104

Report - John S

Good first hole, then terrible for several holes and got unreasonably angry. However, there was a lighter moment when I thumped the ball quite hard out of the ditch at the 4th, only to slice it right (as usual for today) at the golf buggy which JEJ had helpfully parked in the way. Ricocheted of the inside of the windscreen, off JEJ's knee and into a good spot on the fairway. Weather OK, if a bit chilly especially for the last few holes, with some drizzly hail falling...

Report - JEJ

Record round at Dummer, so close to a 2-figure score, and most importantly, beat Geoffers. Some great drives, all good, finishing with an 8-yard putt.

Report - Geoffers

JS comments: Geoff played very well indeed, beating his previous best at Dummer by 9 shots. But JEJ was too good today. Donkey didn't interfere much with play.