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The Rooster BarThree law students at Foggy Bottom law school are realising that they have been duped into studying law with the promise of high-paying jobs once they pass the bar exam allowing them to pay off their massive student loans. However the teaching is terrible, the students (generally) are not your typical bright sparks and the three struggling would-be lawyers, aided by their bi-polar (but sadly suicidal) friend, work out that someone is making a lot of money from the set up. So they drop out, pretend to be lawyers and go to work for themselves...
by John Grisham
Score: 6.5
Published: 2017
Read: July 31st 2020


John said

Well, a bit rubbish really, everyone cheats and lies to make money, and our three heroes are no exception. But maybe that's the point. Grisham tells us he based this on some real investigative journalism...

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