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The Holdout10 years ago Myra was picked as a juror on a controversial murder trial (black teacher accused of having affair with young student, and then killing her to avoid being found out, but girl's body never found). The jury wanted to convict but Myra had doubts and in the end persuaded everyone else to go along with her and they ended up unanimously acquitting him. So, back to present day, and a TV show is hosting a reunion of all the jurors and during the show one of the other jurors apparently is going to unveil some evidence proving that the accused really was guilty all along. But just before he can do so - he is killed! In Myra's hotel room! And Myra is the chief suspect for this latest killing - can she uncover the truth before she is arrested?
by Graham Moore
Score: 7.5
Published: 2020
Read: July 19th 2020


John said

Pretty good.

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