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61 HoursJack Reacher is on a bus that crashes in (very) snowy conditions in North Dakota. He assists in getting the passengers to safety in the nearest small town and then decides to stick around and help the local cops with their current witness protection problem. Their main problem is that the town officials have historically brokered a deal with the local prison such that whenever the emergency siren at the prison sounds (eg for a riot or a break-out) all cops have to attend the prison, immediately, no exceptions. Even the four that are assigned to witness protection. These four are of course the only thing standing between the witness (a brave old lady with apple cheeks and good taste in literature) and a horrible death. So when the siren goes off - old lady apple cheeks would be in deep trouble - if it wasn't for Jack of course. Unless he happens to be out in the freezing cold just at the wrong moment...
by Lee Child
Score: 8
Published: 2010
Read: July 8th 2020


John said

Great page turner thriller. Really odd plot device with prison/cops relationship!

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