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The Black CloudA massive gas cloud is detected approaching the solar system at great speed, but it slows and stops, blocking sunlight from reaching Earth and causing havoc with the climate, killing millions. Scientists (who literally saw it coming) do some political maneuvering to make sure they end up in a safe bunker with plenty of provisions and scientific equipment to continue their studies. They realise they are dealing with an intelligent alien but can they establish communication and persuade the cloud to leave before Earth becomes completely uninhabitable to humans?
by Fred Hoyle
Score: 7
Published: 1957
Read: July 25th 2018


John said

Good story, with, of course, all the science you would expect from a prize-winning Cambridge astronomer. Even one who denies the Big Bang (even though he coined the term). Characters from the time though - plenty of sexism, the heroine mostly makes the tea and coffee, while the boys are busy doing the science and saving the world.

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