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Death is a Welcome GuestPart 2 of The Plague Times trilogy. Magnus is a second rate Scots comedian who has just got his big break playing warm-up to a household name for a gig at the O2. But even as he travels to the arena people are dropping dead of the Sweats, and his life gets turned even more upside down when he is put in Pentonville prison under emergency measures just for trying to help a girl being attacked in a dark alley. However he makes his escape along with a fellow inmate with his own dodgy past and they attempt to travel north as Magnus is keen to see if his family on Orkney are still alive. They get roped into helping a survivor group trying to make a living from the land but darker forces are at work in the little community and a series of mysterious deaths puts the ex-prisoners top of the list of suspects. Magnus eventually gets to Orkney, only to meet Stevie from the first book!
by Louise Welsh
Score: 7.5
Published: 2015
Read: July 28th 2017


John said

Not as gripping as the first one, the characters not as compelling I think. All the to-ing and fro-ing over the deaths/suicides/murders at the farm got a bit tedious. Still, the ending made me want to read #3. Not sure it is published yet...

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