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EventideMore events happen to people living in Holt. Some of the people are the same as the previous book, and some are different. The two elderly brothers who took in the pregnant girl suffer one of the more dramatic events, providing one key plotline, elsewhere there is child abuse from the nasty drunken uncle, with the social services woman providing a link between the two main stories.
by Kent Haruf
Score: 7.5
Published: 2002
Read: March 9th 2016


John said

Hmmmm. OK, I suppose, a lot like the first one. Easy reading, slow paced, good characters. Life can be tough, but work hard and be nice to each other and things will turn out fine. Provided you are not crushed to death by an enraged cow of course. Oops, slight spoiler. Shall I read the third one in the series...?

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