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Sea of GloryThe Epic South Seas Expedition 1838-42. The story of Ex Ex, the US Exploring Expedition that set off to discover Antarctica, chart lots of the unknown Pacific islands and explore the US Northwest coast (the Columbia river mainly). The trip was led by 'Captain' Charles Wilkes (only a lieutenant - a fact he bitterly resented) who was court martialed when he got back on account of being horrible to all his competent officers, and overly brutal in managing the sailors. He got a lot of the job done though.
by Nathaniel Philbrick
Score: 8
Published: 2003
Read: February 16th 2016


John said

Excellent read. Lots of iceberg dodging in the southern ocean, cannibal dodging in the Fiji Islands, and trying to get over the tricky bar at the entrance to the Columbia river. Scandal and triumph on their return.

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