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The Solitude of Prime NumbersAs a young boy Mattia is asked to take his disabled sister to a kid's party. But he is always burdened by her presence and takes a chance on leaving her on her own in a park, while he goes off to the party. But when he returns she is gone, forever. Alice has a terrible skiing accident as a child, and then becomes anorexic. She and Mattia meet as adults and something resonates between them. But then life intervenes, and decisions get made... blah blah blah, sad ending.
by Paolo Giordano
Score: 6
Published: 2008
Read: August 14th 2015


John said

This was ok, but the characters never quite convinced me. Nor the plot. This was a recommendation from John (Lena and John) during their visit here on the way to Tahiti.

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