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Gray MountainA young woman lawyer, whose name escapes me (let's call her Jill), gets sacked from her high pressure but ultimately unfullfilling job as a property lawyer in New York as a result of the global financial crash. Jill goes to work as an intern for a publicly-funded law charity organisation who work for free in the Appalachian mountains of, I'm going to guess, Virginia. There she meets Dominic Gray and his brother (let's call him Bob), both of them activists against the nasty big-corporation strip-mining outfits that are destroying the environment and killing people on a regular basis - sometimes by rolling huge boulders down the mountains, sometimes by ignoring the fact that miners tend to get black lung disease, which kills them slowly and painfully. Jill gets involved with Dominic (a bit), Bob, (a lot) and the cause of justice (heaps). Blah blah blah...
by John Grisham
Score: 5
Published: 2015
Read: July 7th 2015


John said

What can I say - a moment of weakness at Wellington airport, and another Grisham somehow ends up in my hands. This one was notable for a middle section where he totally overdid the touring round of mining sites to view the terrible damage they do to the natural world, and to learn of the destruction of communities that is considered mere collateral damage. One or two nice little side-plots eg making the will for the argumentative family, and being arrested on arrival by the local nutter posing as a cop, but overall just more of the same old stuff. So an entertaining easy read of course - but so formulaic. This was the trip back from Wellington where I started to feel really ill and sat in the taxi back home shivering with fever, and had to go to bed for 3 days. Not sure it was related to the book though.

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