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The Narrow Road to the Deep NorthA story of Australian POWs captured by the Japanese and forced to work on the Burma Railway. Dorrigo Evans is a surgeon who finds himself commanding a group of 1000 prisoners, attempting to intercede with the ruthless Japanese military to keep as many alive as possible. We also learn of Dorrigo's many relationships, both before and after the war, and how the lives of surviving prisoners and their Japanese counterparts unfolded when the war ended.
by Richard Flanagan
Score: 8
Published: 2013
Read: September 25th 2014


John said

Harrowing stuff. There was one bit (some crude surgery) when the relentless agony meant I had to put the book down for a bit and then skip a few pages when I went back. Great story though - a very believable love affair, camaraderie, survival, death and so many lives traumatised. Good depiction of the Japanese characters too. Just won the Booker!

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