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The Twenty One BalloonsProf. Sherman, on retiring from his dull school teacher job, decided to go on a year-long balloon trip, not caring how fast he travelled or where he went. He left San Francisco and headed off over the Pacific but was picked up three weeks later in the Atlantic, amidst the wreckage of 21 balloons. We learn what happened to him during that time including his perilous and inadvertent visit to the island of Krakatoa. His eventual return to San Francisco and the welcome he receives there are very entertaining too.
by William Pene du Bois
Score: 8
Published: 1947
Read: May 15th 2014


John said

Great story, lovely writing (kind of old-style, but gentle and very easy-reading), super characters. For kids? I seem to have been reading lots of kids' books recently.

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