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Speaker for the DeadIt is 3,000 years since the end of the Bugger war and mankind has spread out to 100 different worlds. On only one have they found sentient life, an apparently primitive race known as the Piggies. One small human colony has been established on their planet but only minimal interaction is allowed with the Piggies to prevent any impact on their natural evolution. But when two xeno-biologists are the victims of ritualistic killings at the Piggies' hands (trotters?) their families call for a speaker for the dead - and who should turn up at their request? Our old friend Ender, who due to the relativistic effects of star-travel, is not 3,000 years old, but only 35.
by Orson Scott Card
Score: 7
Published: 1986
Read: March 2nd 2014


John said

Hmmm. Quite interesting.

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