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The Way We Live NowPhew, where to start? Felix Carbury is a dissolute and ever more impoverished baronet who mostly gambles away his mother's money and chases girls. He is persuaded by his mother to pursue a rich heiress and so goes after Marie Melmotte the daughter of the decidedly corrupt financier who has just arrived in London with a murky past. Felix's sister Hetta loves Paul but everyone else wants her to marry Roger Carbury. Paul is honest really, but finds himself engaged to Mrs Hurtle, the forceful American lady who reputedly killed her first husband (with good reason of course). Roger Carbury really loves Hetta, but is best friends with Paul too. And Lady Carbury tries to do her best by everybody but has to keep trying to manipulate newspaper editors to try and get favourable reviews of her rather poor writing. And meanwhile the share price of the Mexico railway goes up and down with the fortunes of Melmotte.
by Anthony Trollope
Score: 8
Published: 1875
Read: February 18th 2014


John said

His longest novel, loads of little sub-plots. Some particularly nasty characters and lots of financial shenanigans! Excellent.

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