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OrbitsvilleVance Garamond is a Starflight captain about to set off on another probably fruitless mission to try and discover an alternative Earth to help absorb the ever-expanding human population. But he is left briefly and disastrously in charge of the Empress' son who has an unfortunate accident. Fleeing for his and his family's life he discovers Orbitsville, an alien artefact built around a distant sun that will provide humanity with all the living room it will ever need. But the Empress Helvetica (not really) pursues him even there and seeks revenge on him and his family, while the rest of humanity is setting out to explore the new world.
by Bob Shaw
Score: 7
Published: 1975
Read: January 10th 2014


John said

I read this years ago (in my early 20s I would guess, long before I knew one end of a database from the other) and in my memory it was a great long rolling saga of a science fiction journey... Seems a bit more simplistic today. But still a clever idea, and it wouldn't be proper 70's sci-fi if the characters weren't a bit 2-dimensional and clunky. And named after a popular font.

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