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The Making of the Atomic BombStarting with the development of scientific models of the atom, this book covers the scientists' lives, nuclear physics, and the history and politics of World War 2 and the Cold War arms race. Won the Pulitzer Prize.
by Richard Rhodes
Score: 8
Published: 1986
Read: February 16th 2013


John said

Excellent book, really thorough and totally absorbing. Although it looks like I have only read one book in the last 3 months, this is partly because I re-read a couple - Bill Bryson's 'At Home', and the Gossamer Albatross book. Still quite a low rate though :(

apscott said on March 25th 2021, 08:06:48

Gripping account of the development and breakthroughs in nuclear physics and the people involved, and not a little terrifying.

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